Rents & service charges

The rent you pay for your home is used to pay for the services that Loreburn provide. 

We re-invest rents to maintain and improve our homes and support our communities.

That's why it's important for rent payments to be recieved on time. 

We're committed to keeping rents as low as possible. We look at what we need to receive to keep providing high-quality services, while still making sure that our homes are affordable. 

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Ways to pay

Your rent and service charge is the most important payment that you need to make.

Help & advice

If you’re worried about making rent payments, please get in touch with your Income Officer.

Before proposing rent levels for the next financial year, our Management Committee look at... 

  • Our loan and debt position;
  • Cashflow; and
  • Maintenance and investment commitments.

As a tenant, you'l be consulted and are encouraged to provide views and feedback on these proposals. Once considered, our Management Committee make a final decision.  

Service charges

Some of our homes have additional services and these are charged separately, as a service charge.  Your Tenancy Agreement will detail any additional services provided. 

Service charges are calculated annually, based on actual and anticipated costs for the year. Calculations will take into account any over or under recovery of the true costs from the preceding year.

For more information about service charges please contact our Service Charge Officer, Martina Moore, on 01776 233109 or via email to