Time to move out? 

Don't miss out on our GREAT Goodbye!

We want you to enjoy living in your home for as long as possible. If the time has come for you to move out, do things right and we'll give you a parting gift of £200 through our GREAT Goodbye initiative. 

There really is no catch. 

All you need to do is meet your tenancy obligations when leaving, making sure your home is left in a good condition so we can re-let the property quickly. 

The criteria for our GREAT Goodbye...

  • Provide us with at least four weeks' notice, and your forwarding address
  • Pay all rent due until your tenancy ends
  • Return a full set of keys
  • Give us final meter readings and let us know your energy suppliers
  • Make sure your home is cleared of all Make sure the property is cleared of all furniture, white goods, personal belongings and refuse (including lofts and outbuildings)
  • Make sure the garden, if you have one, is clear and tidy
  • Clean the property to a reasonable standard
  • Leave your home in good condition and reasonably well decorated
  • Leave a wheelie bin and any recycling boxes
  • Complete any repairs that you are responsible for
  • Allow viewings of your home, if you're asked to

If you can meet most of this criteria but not all, please chat to your Neighbourhood Officer who may be able to help with advice or support so you qualify for your GREAT Goodbye. You'll find a checklist to help prepare for moving out in your Tenant handbook.


You need to give us at least four weeks' notice if you intend to move out.

Once you’ve let us know, your Neighbourhood Officer will be in touch to arrange a property assessment and take note of any repairs needed before re-letting the property.

During this visit, your Neighbourhood Officer can discuss our GREAT Goodbye and give any advice you’d like about how to qualify. Any repairs which you’re asked to carry out will be confirmed in writing.

Please be aware that in the event these repairs are not fully complete, Loreburn will need to do this work after you’ve vacated and the costs will be re-charged to you.  

Moving to another Loreburn home? 

If you’re transferring tenancies, you won’t need to give us notice as your existing tenancy will end when you return the keys to the home you’re leaving. Please be aware you’ll be charged rent for both properties once the new tenancy has begun, until the keys to your current home are returned.      

Death of a tenant

When a tenancy is ending due to the death of a tenant, Loreburn allows a rent-free period of 7 days from the date of death.  If a longer period of time is needed, rent is charged on a daily basis following the 7-days until keys are returned.

Please talk to your Neighbourhood Officer if you need any further advice.