Mutual exchanges

Mutual exchanges are a great way to find a new home more suited to your circumstances.

If you're living in a Loreburn home, you can swap,  or 'mutually exchange', your home with another Loreburn resident, a tenant of another housing association, or a council tenant.

You cannot exchange with somebody living in privately rented accommodation. 

Quick links 

Loreburn Lettings

To apply for a Loreburn home, please complete a housing application on our dedicated Loreburn Lettings website.

How to apply

  1. Find someone to swap with

    You can find thousands of mutual exchange properties on these websites:

    We also have a list of current Loreburn tenants looking for a swap on our website.

    Click here to see available Loreburn mutual exchange properties

  2. When you've found someone

    Please contact us and we will take you through the next stage of the process.

    Both parties will need to complete this application. Please liaise with your Neighbourhood Officer if you need any advice or assistance.

    Application for a mutual exchange