If you're a Loreburn tenant...

You can advertise your home to other people looking for a move. To do this, you should complete the application form here.   

You're able to exchange properties with a tenant of another Registered Social Landlord, providing certain conditions are met and both landlords agree to the exchange taking place.  

Found a property you wish to exchange with?

A mutual exchange can usually proceed if:

Neither tenant has rent arrears above the value of one month. If arrears do exist, an agreed payment plan must have been maintained for a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks

Each property is in a satisfactory condition

Each tenant has a satisfactory tenancy record

The properties involved are suitable, ie. they are the right type and size for the people who will be moving into them

Both parties need to complete this application. Please liaise with your Neighbourhood Officer if you need any advice or assistance.

If you're looking to exchange with another Registered Social Landlord, you'll also need to complete their application forms and have received both Landlords' written permission before you can move.   

Other ways to find a new home

• Register and view all Loreburn homes being advertised for letting via our Loreburn Lettings website

• Register and apply for housing with other Registered Social Landlords in the area 

• Register for Homeswapper - a national database where you can advertise your home and connect with others also looking for an exchange