Keeping a Pet

We’re big fans of our furry friends!

If you're looking to move into a Loreburn home and already have a pet, this usually won't be an issue. Just make sure that you let us know on your application.

If you're living in a Loreburn home, we always ask that you contact us for permission before keeping a pet. While you don’t need written permission to keep an assistance dog, you should still let us know - as per your tenancy agreement.

When we have to say no to someone keeping a pet, we will set out, in writing, our reasons for the refusal. We have the right to refuse or revoke permission for a number, breed or type of pet if we believe that it is likely to cause a nuisance to other tenants. If this happens, we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Some animals are not allowed in Loreburn properties, and we expect tenants to keep pets under control at all times. You can read more about this in our pet policy. 

Download a copy of our pet policy here.

Request permission to keep a pet

In Scotland, owners of XL Bully dogs must adhere to specific regulations.

If you have concerns about dog safety, own an XL Bully, or are worried about new legislation regarding XL Bully dogs in Scotland, please visit our dedicated page for more information and FAQs. Dogs Trust has more information.

Important update for XL Bully owners in Scotland