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Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2023/24

Towards the end of 2023, we conducted our latest Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

Almost 1,000 households representing 44% of our tenants across the region participated in the survey, which covered various aspects of our services including rent and energy costs, communication methods, and digital connectivity.

We appreciate everyone who participated in the survey and helped us to refine its questions. If you're curious about the results, you can click the button below to browse through the findings and see how your feedback is guiding our efforts to improve your overall Loreburn experience.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey results 2023/24

Improving our complaints handling processes

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to tell us when you feel something’s gone wrong.

As part of our ongoing dedication to improving our services, we're excited to share updates on our complaints handling process and the key learnings from your feedback. 

  • We've enhanced our complaints policy and procedures to comply fully with the latest Scottish Public Sector Ombudsman regulations, ensuring a more transparent, fair, and user-friendly process for you.
  • Our frontline staff have completed specialised complaints training so they are better equipped to address any issues you might have.
  • Monthly complaints reports are now produced for our Executive Team to review the volume, outcomes, and key insights. Additionally, our Management Committee examines these reports quarterly to identify patterns and themes. 

So far this year, we've handled 70 complaints—51 at stage one and 19 at stage two. We've resolved 100% of stage one complaints and 75% of stage two complaints within our target timescales.

Of stage one complaints have been resolved within our target timescales. 

Your voice, our actions

We believe in learning from every complaint. Here are some ways your feedback has helped us improve our services:

  • Letter templates: We've updated our letter templates to be clearer and more user-friendly.
  • Application forms: Additional staff training on application forms was implemented following your feedback.
  • Void process: A complaint led to updates in our void process to enhance clarity for our staff.
  • Grounds maintenance: Feedback prompted us to work closely with our contractors to proactively manage and improve grounds maintenance.
  • Communication issues: We organised refresher training to ensure our staff meet our GREAT Communications Promise.
  • Bin collections: Training on assisted bin collections was provided to all Housing staff to enhance the information and support we offer.

What's next?

Looking ahead, we plan to further improve our complaints handling process by:

  • Promoting good complaints handling through ‘lunch and learn’ sessions where staff review case studies and share best practices.
  • Empowering our customer-facing staff to resolve complaints at the first point of contact.
  • Making our complaints performance more visible to all staff.
  • Improving the complaints information available on our website and producing a dedicated complaints report. 

Quarterly performance information

You'll see targets for our performance measures are also outlined, so you can see if we're doing better, or worse, than we're aiming for. Performance information is updated quarterly. The figures below represent Quarter 1 (April to June 2024). 


We're working hard to provide you with a quick, efficient and cost-effective repairs service in order to keep your home safe and well-maintained.

Percentage of tenants satisfied with the repairs service


Target = 94%

Scottish Average = 90.1%

Percentage of repairs appointments kept in the quarter

Target = 98%

Average number of hours to complete an emergency repair

2.87 hours

Target = 3 Hours

Scottish Average = 4.2 hours

Average number of days to complete a non-emergency repair

21 days

Target = 12 Days

Percentage of "Right first-time" repairs

Q1 data coming soon.

Percentage of tenants satisfied with planned works


Target = 96%

Homes let

Our turnaround on void properties has consistently remained under the 15-day target, which means that our empty homes can be quickly relet to those who need them the most.  

Total number of properties let

Q1 = 53

Average number of days to relet void properties

Q1 = 9 days

Target = 15 days

Scottish Average = 56.3 days

Complaints and compliments

We're committed to providing an exceptional tenant experience, but we understand that things can go wrong from time to time. If something isn't right, it's important that you let us know. We use the information you provide to improve our services and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Number of complaints received in the quarter


Stage 1 = 33

Stage 2 = 11

Average number of days to receive a full response to a complaint

Stage 1 = 4 days

Stage 2 = 20 days

Percentage of complaints responded to within target timescales

Stage 1 Q1 = 100%

Stage 2 Q1 = 80%

Target = 95%

Number of compliments received in the quarter

10 compliments