You’ll be agreeing to a number of responsibilities

The most important ones are summarised below:

    • To live in your home
    • To pay rent in full and on time (payments are due weekly, and in advance)
    • To be a considerate neighbour
    • To report any repairs needed and give access to our appointed contractors
    • To keep your home and garden maintained
    • Not to use your home for any illegal or immoral purpose
    • To ask Loreburn’s permission to run a business, keep a pet, or to make alterations to your home
    • To provide us with at least 4 weeks written notice if you intend to move out
    • To be courteous to our people and our contractors

As part of our commitment to delivering GREAT neighbourhood and community services...

We ask that you support this by:

    • Keeping your garden maintained and tidy
    • Disposing of your litter and waste responsibility
    • Being considerate and respectful to your neighbours and not engaging in any behaviour which might be anti-social

You’ll also be given a Tenant Handbook which provides a range of useful information about your home and tenancy.