Repair timescales

All repairs are categorised into three different response times:

  • We aim to respond to emergency repairs within five hours
  • Urgent repairs are usually fixed within five working days
  • Routine repairs are attended to within 20 working days

Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs are required where there is a danger to life, a hazard that compromises safety, or there is a potential for more damage to occur. It also applies if your home or flat development is not secure, or not wind and watertight.

If we cannot fix the problem straight away, we’ll ensure your home is made safe and that any follow up works are carried out within the relevant timescale. 

Urgent repairs

Urgent repairs are those where the comfort or convenience of your home has been compromised due to a fault occurring, or where not repairing will result in further damage.  Examples might include a minor leak or a faulty light fitting - where there is alternative lighting.

Routine repairs

Routine repairs are those which don’t seriously interfere with your comfort or convenience and which won't cause further problems or damage.

Right to Repair Scheme 

The 'Right to Repair' scheme gives tenants of housing associations the right to have small urgent repairs carried out within specific timescales. If these timescales haven't been met, you have the right to claim compensation.

The Repairs and Maintenance section of your Tenant Handbook provides further information about all categories of repairs, including your responsibilities, rechargeable repairs and details of which repairs qualify under the Right to Repair scheme.