Shared ownership homes

Looking to get on the property ladder? 

Our shared ownership homes provide a part-buy part-rent solution for those on modest incomes. 

Shared ownership properties allow you to purchase a percentage share of a property, with options to increase your percentage ownership over time. 

You'll obtain a mortgage on the share you purchase, and will pat an Occupancy Charge (i.e. rental) to Loreburn for the share that's rented.

Management fees are incurred for Factoring Services and shared owners are responsible for the cost of repairs and maintenance. 

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Information for shared owners

As a shared owner you'll have more responsibility over your home, including: paying your mortgage, insuring your home and covering the cost of repairs. 


Here you'll find our shared ownership jargon buster and some answers to common FAQs 

We give priority to first time buyers, families with limited income and ex-service personnel.

Shared ownership allows the purchase of a 25%, 50% or 75% share in a Loreburn property. If you're interested in becoming a shared owner, please complete the expression of interest form at the bottom of this page.

If we think that shared ownership is the right choice for you then we'll be in touch, via email, with a slightly longer form for you to fill in. This is just so we can fully assess whether you're in a suitable financial position to become a shared owner. 

We'll let you know if your application has been successful. You'll then be able to apply for our shared ownership properties, which are advertised below.

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