Don't worry, it’s pretty straightforward.   

If you’ve moved into a newly built home, you’ll need to wait until the building defects period of 12 months has lapsed before making alterations.

Examples of home improvements might include:

Installing a shower

Changing internal doors or other fittings  

Erecting a garden shed, decking or other external structures  

Installing laminate flooring

Installing other services, eg. security lights, additional gas appliances 

Undertaking other internal or external alterations 

Permission is not normally refused but we do need to ensure your proposals meet Building and Planning regulations where required and that the work will comply with our Health and Safety requirements. Some improvements, such as those affecting gas or electrical supplies, will need to be carried out by a qualified trades person too - we'll confirm all that’s required when you request permission.   

The alterations must not present a safety hazard or structural problem or adversely affect our ability to relet your home in the future. Naturally, your improvements should not cause a nuisance to any of your neighbours. 

If you’re thinking of home improvements, complete our Form to Request Permission.    You can also refer to our Alterations & Improvements Policy.  

A further note...

You don’t need permission to install a TV aerial or satellite dish but there are some conditions.   Please contact your Neighbourhood Officer  or get in touch if you need to find out more.

Some improvements are eligible for a compensatory payment.  These are known as ‘qualifying improvements’ and include works such as installing a shower, insulation, draughtproofing and renewing double glazing.  Just ask if you'd like to know more.