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Electrical safety checks

As your landlord, we're responsible for the safety of the electrics throughout your home.

This includes the installation itself and any electrical appliances that we have provided. We need to make sure these are safe when you first move in and are maintained for the duration of your tenancy.

We test and inspect all the homes we manage, as well as any communal areas, and we fully inspect properties before re-letting them to new customers. This check is called an Electrical Installations Condition Report (EICR), and a qualified electrician will carry these out every five years. 

You’ll need to make sure we can access your home for your appointment.

The test can take between three and four hours to complete. During this time, we'll check to make sure there's no deterioration to cabling, switches or sockets; we'll replace any broken accessories, and repair any faults that we may find.

We keep a record of when safety checks were last completed, so we may be in touch soon to let you know that you’re due your next one.

What do you need to do?

  • When we contact you about your electrical safety check, you must arrange an appointment with us. We have a legal obligation to complete EICR inspection, and it's a part of your Tenancy Agreement that you allow us access to your home for us to complete it
  • Once we have confirmed an appointment, it's important that you're home on the agreed date and time

If you have any questions about these checks, or miss your call from us, please get in touch via any of the methods below:

  • Live chat
    Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, use our Live Chat to instantly connect with a member of our Repairs Team. Click on the orange icon on the bottom right of your screen and type in "live chat" to get started
  • Email
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