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Loreburn saves time and money thanks to innovative monitoring technology

Following a successful pilot scheme, we have begun the roll-out of a remote monitoring and alert system in 26 of our supported living units.

Developed in the UK by Plexus Innovation, GUARDIAN is a system capable of detecting a range of water system issues such as taps left running, water leaks, water heaters under stress and failing assets.

Reports and alerts enable early intervention to be taken before a situation becomes a crisis, while the monitoring of water temperature helps protect tenants against the risks of legionella and scalding.

Murron Bisset, team manager for cyclical compliance, said: “After the success of the pilot, we decided that GUARDIAN was worth investment.

“The technology was very easy to install and the reporting system has been far more economic and reliable compared to manual measurement methods.

“The safety of our residents is our top priority, and it is reassuring to know that GUARDIAN was capable of identifying issues we would have otherwise not been aware of.”

Once installed, the GUARDIAN system does all the work. Users can benefit from having a real-time understanding of their asset performance, and are quickly made aware of any critical issues thanks to the direct alert system.

So far GUARDIAN has alerted us to issues including potential scald risks and a faulty boiler, which ensured that there was no delay in these being reported and repaired.

Ian Murray, managing director and co-founder of Plexus Innovation, said: “Offering Loreburn an affordable means of GUARDIAN meant that they could experience the benefits of the technology without any long term commitment.

“The team were provided with data driven insight, enabling them to make informed decisions and receive alerts highlighting issues that they wouldn’t otherwise know about.

“We are delighted that Loreburn is now implementing GUARDIAN technology across a further 26 sites and our team look forward to supporting them for a long time to come.”

The removal of manual compliance measurements has already significantly reduced our vehicle use and energy waste, and has freed up resources to carry out more valuable, productive tasks.

We are currently considering introducing the remote monitoring system into our general-needs housing, including the communal areas in our university accommodation blocks.