Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The health and wellbeing of our customers and staff is paramount, and we're taking all necessary steps, in line with Scottish Government and Public Health guidance, to minimise the risk to customers and staff.  We'll keep you updated via our website and social media about changes to our day to day service.

We know that some of our customers may experience loss of income due to the virus and its impact on businesses.  If you are concerned about this please get in touch with your Income Officer directly or call us on on 01387 321300.  

For more information about Coronavirus and how you can protect yourself, please visit NHS Inform.

FAQs: Communication

How can I contact Loreburn?
Ways to keep in touch:
Do I need to request permission from Loreburn to work from home?
No, but we ask that you please keep us informed if you are self-isolating or needing to socially distance yourself due to underlying health conditions, to allow us to keep a record in case of emergencies.

Should I notify Loreburn if anyone in my household has the virus symptoms, is self-isolating or has tested positive for coronavirus?

Yes, please let us know if you have had recent contact with one or more of our staff, or if you are reporting a repair or arranging an appointment with a Neighbourhood Officer.

FAQs: Household Income & Support

If I'm self isolating how can I continue my payments?

Here are the range of options for you to continue to make rent payments:

  • BACs transfer – you can make direct payments online via your online banking account. Please contact your Income Officer who will supply you with Loreburn’s account details and the reference code you should add to the payment.
  • By phone with your debit card – please call us.
  • Online using your Allpay card – or by using the Allpay App on your mobile phone. If you do not currently have an Allpay Card but would like to request one, please contact us.
  • Set up a Direct Debit – please contact us if you need help or complete the direct debit mandate and return it to us via email -
  • Set up a Standing Order with your bank – please contact us for your reference code.
I am struggling financially as a result of the recent Covid-19 outbreak, what should I do?
  • Contact your Income Officer as soon as possible, we are here to help.
  • We can assist with new UC and benefit claims -please get in touch.
  • Use the online benefit calculator to see if you're receiving the correct benefits (or to find out which to claim).
Can I obtain food parcels and other assistance via Loreburn Housing Association?

We are not currently dropping off food parcels. However, there are other ways we can support you and your family, please contact your Income Officer as soon as possible to obtain advice should you require a food parcel or other assistance.

I am claiming benefits, but I am unable to attend the job centre, will this affect my rent payment?

Please contact your Income Officer for assistance, and note that local Jobcentres are also offering support over the phone and their contact numbers are below:

  • Dumfries Jobcentre 01387 223 265
  • Annan Jobcentre 01461 633 000
  • Stranraer Jobcentre 01776 802 775
I need assistance to update my benefit/UC claim, what should I do?

Income Officers will continue to give support and guidance - just get in touch directly or alternatively contact our main number on 01387 321 300 and we'll put you in touch with your Income Officer.

How do I submit evidence to Housing Benefit for my claim?
Evidence can be submitted electronically to, sent electronically to your Income Officer or posted to:

Benefits Team
PO Box 9089
I have a pre-payment meter for gas and electric - how can I keep this topped up if I'm unwell, self-isolating or have no income?
You should speak to your supplier directly about options to keep your home heated and powered. Measures introduced have included allowing someone else to top up on your behalf, having a discretionary credit added to your account and the possibility of being sent a pre-loaded card by your supplier.

FAQs: Repairs & Planned Maintenance

Are you currently carrying out repairs?

Yes, if you have a new repair or want to enquire about progress with an outstanding repair, please contact our Repairs Team.

We will continue to carry out the necessary safeguards whilst undertaking work in your home.

I’m due a gas, electricity or legionella service soon, will this still go ahead?

Yes, these are still going ahead as planned but please let us know immediately if you’re self-isolating or have been diagnosed with Covid-19. If you tell us you’re self-isolating or have been diagnosed, we’ll ask you to either go into another room or step outside the property. Please don’t be alarmed or offended by these measures as we’re committed to keeping you and our colleagues as safe as possible.

If you do have an appointment, please make every effort to be at home to allow our team to work as effectively as possible.

I've been told that I'm getting a new kitchen/bathroom/heating system installed. Will this work still go ahead?

Yes, our investment programme has resumed. If you have been told you're getting a replacement kitchen/bathroom/heating system we'll be in touch to arrange an appointment.

I’m due to have some external work done to my property. Will this still go ahead?

Yes, these works are now taking place.

Will grounds maintenance still be undertaken at my development?

Yes, any regular grounds maintenance is also underway.

Please contact us if you need any more information.

FAQs: Tenancy Management

Will complaints and anti-social behaviour cases involve face to face contact?

Yes, where necessary we will arrange a face to face visit and there are other convenient ways for you to liaise with your Neighbourhood Officer including video call appointments via the Near Me platform. If we do need to visit or meet you face to face we'll follow all current guidance and will let you know when the appointment is arranged.

See more about submitting a complaint here

Will staff visit my home?

If staff need to visit they will observe social distancing and wear PPE. You can still contact your Neighbourhood and Income Officers directly on their mobile numbers if you have any queries or urgent issues. You can also use the Near Me video calling platform - please ask your Neighbourhood Officer about this if it's a good way to liaise with you.

Will estate management walkabouts still go ahead?

Yes, Neighbourhood Officers are carrying out monthly Estate Management Checks and these can now resume with customers.

You can speak directly with Neighbourhood Officers when out in their communities and you can of course contact them by phone, text or email.

FAQs: Precautionary Measures

What precautions are you asking your staff members to take when they visit my home?
  • All staff have up to date information about the importance of following the Scottish Government hygiene guidance to help against the spread of the virus.

  • Any staff member entering your home will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Before any visits we will advise you of the steps you should also take

  • We are continuously reviewing our services and ways of working in line with Scottish Government guidelines to ensure we are keeping our staff, customers and communities safe.